The Fairns

We are The Fairns. [ pronounced: Fair enz] We are a composite of two Larger Entities. A Larger Entity is comprised of from 1000 to 1500 hundred individual Soul Patterns. People like you, but People who have finished reincarnating in Physical Plane. We have the knowing and experiences of all the lifetimes of some 3000 individuals.

Though we may sound astounding, we assure you, we are not The Tao, not the Whole of The Whole--that which you call God. We are not allowed to give you anything that would influence or interfere with your free choice. We are here to assure you that you are essential to the Whole of The Whole, to help you remember what you already know, and to help you understand your connection to yourselves and to your Mother Planet.

A Message to All from the Fairns.

Tao Song to All.

 This is a Chaotic Time. It is also a time of great potential creativity and opportunity. Think of this time as a potential  renewal--as a time to re-invest determination, action, and hope. Intend that what is initiated starting from this Now Moment Forward, this New Time, will be better than the accomplishments seen in previous Times.

Many people pursue different philosophies and different methods in order to undertake this endeavor; in order to accomplish their understanding of the goal to make things better. 

We will offer The foundation on which to build and accomplish your goals regardless of the differences in method and approach. This foundation is the Primary and most Profound Rule on which to base All beginnings.
The First Law of The Tao: All Is One.
There it is-Three words.

The scope this Law embraces is as vast as the challenges and opportunities that Terran [land] Humans face together at this Now [time].
Together, you and we will discuss these vast issues. We will debate and most probably argue, and finally
agree, that every chosen Direction, every Positive Intention, and every chosen Action starts with those three words—All Is One.

This is The First Law of The Tao, and it is Immutable. Yes.

From Jasmine, "Deep Trance Channelling is like being a person-to-person telephone line."

Throughout the 33 years that I have been working with The Fairns I have found them to be honorable, compassionate, versatile, incredible, and humorous. They have never sought worship and have always empowered the individual. Their integrity, consistency, and accuracy have allowed me, in good conscience, to be a continuing Deep Trance Channel for them. I'm like a person-to-person telephone connection.

They have discussed a myriad of diverse topics from Past Lives to Personal Relationships, Previous Civilizations to Population concerns, Physics to the properties of Time, Personal Health to the Environment--The Mother Planet--which engages their most intense messages. 

As The Fairns' Chosen Deep Trance Channel and as Jasmine, herself, I am continually impressed by the scope of Their knowledge and astounded by Their loving capacity to embrace and augment our (often stumbling) search for understanding and connection to The Whole of The Whole.