Deep Trance Channelling

Over the years of my work with The Fairns, many people have asked me what it is like to be a Deep Trance Channel; how I reach the necessary state of consciousness; what it feels like; what I see and experience in my consciousness and in my physical body.

I have been somewhat reticent to talk about these particulars, for the simple reason it is exceptionally stretchy (difficult) and ambiguous--trying to put the whole experience into the confines of words. I usually end up--after my stumbling and fragmented explanation--feeling somewhat foolish and vapid-brained. Many times, the questioner looks at me as if my brain and my mouth have a very confused connection to each other!

Now, I think it is time to share with all of you a detailed and cohesive verbal description of the preparatory procedure; what happens while I am in a Deep Trance; and the resulting aftermath, so to speak.

Most of my work for individuals, over the last years, has been over the telephone. Sessions in person are not very feasible, considering our fast-paced lives and distances between locales. I provide the sessions via speaker-phone. The Fairns functions at such an expanded Rate, They will not direct any extra energy from Themselves to my body. They say there is too much risk of damaging me physically--so I can't hold the phone to my ear while They are speaking. I keep the continuing connection with them through the diamond in my wedding ring.*

"For over 33 years, Entering the Deep Trance State

has never been a gradual process for me."

I usually sit on my bed where I can extend my legs comfortably in front of me. I can also use a chair with a hassock or foot stool, or a chaise lounge--any comfortable seated position that allows me to fold my hands, left on top of right, in my lap. I use a pillow to prop my folded hands. Entering Deep Trance has never been a gradual process for me. I'm gone in ten to fifteen seconds. Trust me, describing the process takes much more time than slipping into the State.

I relax and take three slow, deep, breaths--in through my nose, and out slowly, through my mouth--while I focus on a shaft or sparkle of light refracted in my diamond. I have an Emerald Cut stone, because the light through the facets makes a clear window/door that I can slip into. I work more effectively in bright light, so the diamond door is easy to find. As I move through the lighted door/window, the light begins to increase and intensify until I am in a brilliant, nearly blinding passage.

I see a massive Energy with pulsing, brilliant colors, and changing hues; all the colors we know; and colors that have no possible description...rolling...folding...expanding and compressing with such Force, I cannot look straight at it. This is The Fairns' Entity coming toward me through the passage-way.

As they move closer and closer, I turn my consciousness eyes to the side; the intensity is so great. I know I would be completely absorbed, if I looked at them directly. We continue toward each other until, as we pass, I am consciously turning away--not to see them. An instant later, I feel myself present as myself again and continue on through the passage . I am in a brilliant, white-gold, space that I call the holding room. Describing this room is difficult. The only awareness I retain is: I am in the room; I am the room; and something has pushed a hold button.

I Be that place.

There is no concept of time; no awareness of time passing; no thought. I Be.

The Fairns converses with the individual, in Their peculiar, gravely, scratchy, little growl; and They say Tao Song in greeting and in closing.

In an instant, I become aware of myself, as a person, once more. I turn around and start back through the passage. As I float back, I see The Fairns coming towards me from the opposite direction--on Their way out. When we pass, I can absorb the tenor of their conversation, by the state of Their Energy--out of the corner of my eye, of course. 

I never remember the content of a conversation, unless the individual asks me a specific from the session. Then, I can catch back instances. I can't hang on to them for very long, though.

Sometimes The Fairns look like the Fourth of July--sparkles, zings, pops; shards of light and color; shooting bursts in every direction! At other times, subdued and dimly quiet.

The Fairns Energy leaves very fast. I come back to present time just as quickly. Returning to full consciousness takes five to ten seconds.

The aftermath of Deep Trance sessions with The Fairns provide a full spectrum for me--both emotionally and physically--can run the gamut, as it is said. The most difficult sessions leave me feeling sad, depressed, and very tired. At other times, I feel exceptionally intense frustration, emotional agitation, and a great degree of impatience. 

When The Fairns goes out throwing sparks and shooting stars and electric colors, I feel energized, excited, and sometimes hyper-active; my body temperature is very much greater than normal, and I am perspiring. There have been times I feel I've been plugged into a wall socket. I am electrified, re-charged, and feel like laughing, shouting, and jumping up and down!

However I feel, it always takes me a while to get fully grounded in the Earth Plane after being in Deep Trance. I go outside for a walk, or stare at the trees; listen to the sounds of life around me. If I don't, I walk around in a tumble of in-between for quite awhile. The longer and more often the times I spend in Deep Trance, the longer it takes to get my feet on the ground and my mind organized.

I have volunteered for this ability, I have been told, on good authority; and have been commandeered specifically by The Fairns, as their personal telephone line to others. Anyone wishing to speak with any other person's Soul Pattern (a person who has passed), another Entity, or a Guide, will always get The Fairns first. They then, make the relays; interpret the messages; direct the requests.

I have been told being a Deep Trance Channel for an Entity such as The Fairns is a Gift. Maybe it is. I happen to think so. But it is a Gift that comes with agreement of humility, inescapable responsibility, and a healthy measure of respect for the possibility of Human Error.

Personally, I believe not everyone can be, or become a Deep Trance Channel. But, I believe it is possible for every individual to make a firm, dynamic, and Positive Connection to their Larger Self--to their Higher Self, their Guides (The Fairns calls them Backers)--even to The Fairns Themselves. Anyone who has spoken with The Fairns or who has read what They have written is considered, by Them, a part of Their Family; Their Work; Their Purpose--and is attended and watched over by Them--though The Fairns will only Speak through me, and has done so, for thirty-three plus years.

All that is required, by any individual, is a humble and intense desire to make the request for Connection with Expanded Energy. Make the request aloud and be willing to step aside from the doubt of being answered; avoid Self-Expectation and the tendency to logic away what is heard from the Inner Voice; and above all, embrace the Positive Assumption: If one asks, one will be answered. There is also a great deal of practice involved--training to trust the answers one receives to the questions one asks.

Here is a little hint from me: Think of a question, a sincere question; not a test or a trick question. Ask the question aloud three times; listen to what comes into the mind after each ask. If one gets the same answer, to the same question, asked aloud three times--the answer is most probably one that can be trusted and counted upon to be correct.

So, there you have it. This is what it is like for me, as a Deep Trance Channel for The Fairns Entity. I hope I have given all of you a glimpse of what is experienced for me, in Deep Trance; and that glimpse has made some semblance of sense. It is, I must admit, the most orderly and coherent explanation I have ever accomplished to define my experience.

Tao Song, Jasmine

*Once, The Fairns moved my arm in order to sketch an important symbol in the air for someone. The next day, my arm felt like someone had tried to pull it out of the socket!