About Jasmine Contor Dawson

JazLike many of us at this time I'm a Boomer. My Mother slipped over the border of South Dakota to Iowa where the nearest hospital was located and I was born in Hawarden. My family moved from South Dakota to Colorado to Montana and eventually wound up in California, where we finally took root in the San Joaquin Valley in the then little town of Fresno.

Both of my parents had big ambitions for me. So including learning the violin to please my Father, who was a violinist and a music teacher, and continuing my ballet to please my Mother, who was an English teacher, they added piano and voice lessons.

My only ambition was to see how far I could climb up the tree in the vacant lot across the road.

By the time I got to junior High I was playing in three different orchestras, singing in two choirs, performing in dance recitals and ballets, and wishing I had time to go climb a tree. This went on throughout High school-along with various solo entertainments for rotary clubs, solo and ensemble competitions, choral competitions, and school musicals. On my own, my Senior year, I got stung by the Folk Music bee, and started playing the guitar and listening to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, which irritated my Father to the Nth Degree.

I did make it out of High school though, and when I registered at Fresno State College, I decided I had had quite enough music and refused to make it my Major. I did play in the college orchestra and joined the Fresno Philharmonic, but that was it-except for my guitar. With that, I played and sang in the local beatnik club. After two years at Fresno State I had the opportunity to go to Spain to study music with a great maestro in Madrid. So at 19 I took off on Air France for Paris with my violin and my guitar. I took a train over the mountains and ended up in a pension in Madrid. Seven months was all I could handle. A friend I had said Buenos Aires was crazy for classical musicians. I dropped everything and booked boat passage for Argentina where I found the concert season booked. So I hauled out my guitar and started auditioning for radio and TV stations. For the next seven months I made records, did TV variety shows, sang in nightclubs, and nearly starved to death.

I went home.

The next few years were spent floundering around trying to figure out who and what I was, getting married, having a baby, getting divorced. Then I ran smack into my Mother's passion for metaphysics and the occult. She and my Aunt played with a Ouija board one summer and were told to "Get Jasmine. We can speak through her." My being adamantly resistant to the idea was no deterrent for Mother. She just kept up with her hammer and chisels, saying, "Just try it, start working the board with me first, and just try it!" I was fairly chipped down to a nub.

I tried it.

Becoming A Deep Trance Channel

Within three months I was hearing in my head what was being spelled out on the board. Mother went into high gear again. "Just say it aloud, trust yourself, say it." I wouldn't trust it. I had to have a way to not hear or remember what was being said. For me it was a matter of credibility. I wanted to be sure I wasn't influencing the material on a conscious or a subconscious level. We asked the board what to do. The immediate response was "get a crystal." So I got a leaded crystal pyramid. The first time I focused on light shining into the crystal I was gone. When I came back, quite some time later according to Mother, I could remember nothing. Mother said that the first words spoken were, Tao Song [pronounced Dow Song]. That was the first vocal greeting from The Fairns .

The Fairns still greet the listener with Tao Song , and I still slip into Deep Trance in bright light, but now I use the diamond in my wedding ring, instead of the crystal pyramid.