Amazing Stories

Welcome to our Family and Friends page of Amazing Stories. Here we can read about and share the magical experiences in our lives. 

So many of us have had experiences which are unable to be measured or proved in any scienific manner. None-the-less, we know and believe them to be true and real--in every sense that is important and profound. They are stories and experiences that have been gifts; gifts of profound impact on our lives and our perspectives; experiences that have changed and enhanced us as we travel our life paths.

The honor of the first story is awarded to Jayne Jamieson.

The Eternal Circle of Life and Love by Jayne Jamieson

I was in labor going on two days and into the second night; with no child wanting to come through. I was pretty exhausted and fuzzy even though I had had no drugs.

When the nurse appeared, she had no mask; she appeared very blurry and she had the wonderful fragrance of lilac wafting about her. I remember she had auburn hair and spoke with an English accent. She placed her hand above my belly and said, "It's all in the breathing, dear." I started to breathe deeply into my abdomen and within minutes the baby was ready. 

I got caught up by another nurse coming into room to take me into the delivery room and didn't notice where my lilac nurse went. 

The next day, when I asked for the nurse who had helped me with my breathing, so I could thank her--I was told that no one fitting that description worked at the hospital; no one with an English accent had ever worked there.

I let it go. 

A few years later, I shared the story with my Mother. She said, "Jayne, if you smelled lilacs, it was your Great Grandmother. She always had them with her in season. She used to make sache's of them with violets, for her clothes drawers."  

When my daughter was about 10, she noticed a ring I had. She said the ring was hers and asked for it back. She has worn it ever since.

Now, the ring belonged to my Maternal Grandmother; my Great Grandmother's Daughter. By the way, we have one photo of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. My Great Grandmother has my face. Amazingly, my Great Grandfather looks exactly like my first, deep, high school Love--in the picture, he even held his hands the same way!

My daughter was very much connected to my Mum, which leads me to believe, that perhaps, my Daughter is my Mum's Mother; and I am the Great Grandmother who assisted in birthing the Soul of my past Mother and my present Daughter--as well as my Daughter's Mother--Me! I believe these are aspects of the same Soul; expressing the connection and Love Mothers and Daughters have, over lines of time. 

My Daughter's favorite flower is Wisteria. It's all over her yard. And I planted them in my Santa Cruz garden; the same as my Grandmother and my Mum did, when they were alive.