Old and New Friends Say

Lauren Campbell, CA

The Fairns have literally saved my life; and not just once. If not for Them, I would be somewhere else now. They have shown me how to think differently about the whole process of life and death and the power of Physical Plane function. They have humbled me with Their Love. They are all Love and empowerment. I consider Them a precious gift. When you speak with Them, you know.

I first met The Fairns when a mutual friend took me to talk with Them because I was suicidal. From that day until this moment, I have Them to thank for guiding me through changing my way of thinking about the gift of this life. They are always Positive; often humorous and intense with Their intention energy. For me, The Fairns are assurance of The Big Picture. Because They are here, speaking with us, I know that this is definitely not all there is. If One needs proof, They're it.

I have known Jasmine for 40 years, before and after The Fairns came into our lives. We have been friends and co-conspirators throughout these years and when she began allowing The Fairns to speak through her, frankly, it was a surprise. This was my friend who I had known as a peer, a wild and crazy jazz violin player, sculptress extordanaire, student of living philosophy, and somewhat unconventional, but one of the last people I would have expected to become a trance channel. Having known her for so long, it was impossible to deny the reality of The Fairns.

The Fairns' message is simple. All is One. Within that message lies all Truth. I can't imagine life without Them, and thanks to Jasmine, I don't have to. Her extreme generosity of Spirit allows us to speak with an Entity of enormous experience and willingness to instruct us. Where else would you find the experience of 3,000 souls' cumulative lifetimes, who are willing to give us the benefit of Their experience, encouragement, and unconditional Love?

Tony Hanes, Griffin GA

I met Jasmine and The Fairns 10 years ago, and received a couple of readings or sessions for the questions I was having at a very confusing time in my life. Even though I have had many "psychic readings" over my lifetime, I am always extremely skeptical before, during, and after these kinds of communications. Some of the readings from others did find truth with me-even in details-yet none of them were spot on completely. Some were a complete waste of time.

As I first heard the sound of The Fairns voice, I was taken back by the sound and immediately wondered why I chose to pay money for this seemingly contrived experience. Then, just as suddenly, I felt the strongest connection of Love. It pushed aside the doubt I was experiencing. This feeling of Love was conveyed through their vocal vibrations somehow, and that did not escape me. Of all the readings I've ever had with many different people, this experience with The Fairns was pure. I, personally, can not recommend them enough. 

Keep in mind The Fairns are not a "fortune teller." I would suggest you approach this experience with much respect and with the intention of furthering your spiritual growth. The Farins are a noble and loving energy, who will gladly show you the way to your own happiness and progress.

They can teach you how to get out of your own way in order to manifest your own fortune. And after your session, you will truly feel loved.

Lesley Kellas Payne, Fresno CA

About 25 years ago one of my closest friends gave me the gift of a session with The Fairns. While I was studying Tarot and astrology at the time (as I have continued to do all these years), the idea of channeling seemed dubious to me. Still, that the gift was given by someone I trusted got me in the room with The Fairns. The Fairns did the rest.

I asked The Fairns about past lives with my two daughters. They told me that with my older daughter they could not tell me anything because I had no memory myself and they could not interfere. Regarding my younger daughter, they were able to clarify and expand on my own memory. As they were talking the hairs on my arms stood up and every cell in my body seemed to be nodding and waving in agreement:  yes, truth, validation.

Since then my husband, who has pursued environmentally beneficial technologies for the past 30 years, and I and other family members and friends have visited with The Fairns. In the hours and hours we have talked with them, what they have said has never been interference or judgment, only truth and love, only support for positive intent and effort. With The Fairns help, I have resolved vocation and avocation for this Now, as they would say, and I am both a freelance editor and Tarot reader. My life and the lives of many I love have been enriched and heartened by our sharing with The Fairns over the years.

We congratulate Jasmine and The Fairns on this beautiful new site and hope that it enables many more Humans to be expanded and encouraged by the wisdom The Fairns bring.

Ann Boroch ND, C. Ht

I have known Jasmine and The Fairns for nearly 30 years. I would not be alive today but for the wisdom and hope The Fairns offered me. 

At age 18, I was severely ill from a systemic fungal infection. Then, when I was 24, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Doctors offered me no hope—only chemotherapy and a wheelchair. The Fairns offered me answers and solutions to turn my body and mind around.  Four years later I cured myself of MS. 

I’m now a Naturopathic Doctor helping others transform their lives.

I consult Jasmine and The Fairns for some of my toughest patients. The Fairns are amazingly accurate and Jasmine is an exceptional conduit. Her ego is completely sublimated which allows the information to come through with depth on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I highly recommend private consultations with The Fairns and the powerful information in Jasmine’s book, "Aliens to Zebras."

Stephen Langley, AZ

I have been interacting on many levels with the Entity known to me as The Fairns for 25 years.  

Throughout all these years, they have provided insight and wisdom in many, many areas.  It would be difficult to describe only one area that I have benefited from their love for me.  I trust them to the fullest.  They have helped me remember on many occasions that I am a wonderful conscious being of this Universe.  

I hope that all people on this planet will have an opportunity to learn the teachings and love from The Fairns Entity.  

Jasmine is also a cherished friend.  I have always appreciated her time and the energy she gives to those like my self. Those that wish to learn and grow using all of the resources available to us.

Linda Desiante, North Hollywood

The Fairns is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.  They put all things in perspective.  

The Fairns gives you answers, hope, and knowledge that is light-years away—it just doesn’t get better than this.  

It’s like having magic fairy dust in your pocket.

Suzanne Picetti, CA

The Fairns encourage me to know the depth of my true worth. The Fairns has taught me that in my very Being and existence, I am valuable, essential, and deserving of happiness.  

My self-esteem, which is often so fleeting, has been greatly increased since reading Jasmine's book, "Aliens to Zebras."  

The Fairns continually redirects my focus back to myself and my innate knowing. They always remind me that the source of real wisdom is within myself.

Wolfgang Ronnefeldt, M. A., CA

The Fairns have been wonderful guides to me for the last 17 years. 

They have been most helpful in expanding and opening my consciousness on many levels and issues.

The Fairns and I have discussed medical and psychological challenges, work and relationship issues, dream interpretation, workshop design, and Environmental questions. 

I have greatly benefited in discussing metaphysical topics. They have lead me into directions and perspectives which I would otherwise, never have found.

The Fairns' approach is compassionate and supportive. After each reading, a boost in energy can be experienced. It is a feeling of empowerment and hopefulness. 

I am very grateful to have had such great and loving guides in my life.