A Consultation Invitation

The Fairns' Chosen Deep Trance Channel, Jasmine Contor Dawson invites you to experience The Fairns' Assistance, Wisdom, and Love for yourself.

The Fairns can offer you information and counsel about a vast variety of current topics and situations. You can examine your Personal Relationships, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing, or how Past Lives affect the one you are living now. Ask them about your Life Direction, your Life Purpose, and how you can create what you want, and avoid creating what you don't want.

What Deep Trance Channel Consultations Give You

Learn about Past Advanced Civilizations and why there are only scant remnants of their existence in this Now [time]. The Fairns will tell you how great Technological Civilizations created energy that caused their demise through Cataclysmic Polar Shifts. 

The Fairns has had conversations with people interested in Science, Math, and Physics. They speak about different Philosophies, Methodologies, and Metaphysics.

The Fairns will discuss any subject you are interested in, but they are not fortune tellers. The Fairns are not allowed to give information regarding future events. They have explained they are not allowed to interfere with your free choice. Other than this, any question is answered. No question is considered trivial or shallow. They always talk to you in a manner that empowers you as an individual and in a depth that is profound and personal.

Deep Trance Consultations

Jasmine offers 30 minute Deep Trance consultations by phone. The consultation fee is $100.00. It is beneficial to have 3-5 questions prepared in order of importance. After their greeting to you, The Fairns does not volunteer information unasked. They always respect the privacy and integrity of the individual. It is up to you what you want to ask and what you want to discuss.

So treat yourself to the incredible store of knowledge and assistance The Fairns has to offer and become another member of The Fairns Family!

Be sure to review our Consultations Agreement before you contact Jasmine for a Consultation.