by Jasmine.

There is a Solution!

When Deep Trance Channel Jasmine Contor Dawson gets manipulated, seemingly by coincidence, it's disconcerting, startling, and head-shakingly educational.

As all of you know, The Fairns has an agenda--The Mother, Shis Health, and Humans' Contribution to the Entire Situation!

Well, as a result I have Their issue buzzing around in my head 24/7. Which tends to make me somewhat distracted and heavy of Spirit at times.

Yesterday, in the Synchronicity of The Whole of The Whole, The Fairns sat me in front of a TV Program--already in progress--that outlined a Practical and Feasible Method to Resolve Climate Change!

Eureka!  A Solution!

Therefore, Dear Family, I am passing this wonderful uplift to you--for relief, for inspiration; for further action and application.

The television program is based on the book and I encourage Everyone to see it on (EPIX) and get the book.

"Cool It" by Bjorn Lomborg! He outlines and highlights many technologies already applicable and many that can quickly be pressed into service to assist in cooling down the fever we have caused our Mother. Ideas as simple as painting the streets of urban areas white and planting acres of trees to misting the stratosphere with miles-high 'sprinklers.'

For $250 Billion per annum, we can invest in Green Tech Research, Green Tech Application, Education, Health Care--Everything Humans need to Actively and Effectively Reverse our Global Environmental Crisis.

I'm certain you will find this information fascinating, encouraging (which we could definitely use), and motivational.

Love and Tao Song to ALL!