by alexis.

The Value of War

Tao Song, Dear Ones.

We are seeing that the second most urgent concern for Humans and for The Mother [planet] as a result of War is the amount of Negative Energy being created at this Now [time]. A discussion of what causes this Negativity is essential in order to bring Balance back to the planet as quickly as possible. 

Although uncomfortable, War is the topic of this discussion. We encourage everyone not to give up on this discussion before we begin because this topic is so fraught with contention, ideology, fear, and outright depression. It is what This One [Jasmine] would call, in Shis own dated language, a bummer. We give all of you about to read this discussion the promise that we will all come out of it on the other end lighter, brighter, and much more hopeful. In fact we may all be actually uplifted. So let’s forge forward and see how we do.

It must said, however, that War, whether against Terran [Land Humans], Endswr [species on this planet that have Souls as Land Humans do], any other Species, or the Mother Shiself, creates the same degree of negative Energy as Terrorism. That statement in itself will undoubtedly trigger some very heated feelings, and possibly some outrage to go along with it. However, it is still true that War is an organized form of Terrorism. Also, it must be said that War, Terrorism, and Genocide are the ultimate premeditated Violations against The Mother and Shis Living Systems. These three Violations create nearly all the Negativity The Mother planet needs desperately to have Balanced.

Think about these incredible facts: Every living person in existence today has died sometime, somewhere, in some War. Representatives of every living species on this planet today have died sometime, somewhere, in some War. In this current Circle of Civilization, Humans have been in a continuous state of War somewhere on this Mother since the beginning of this Circle. [Trust me, this Circle reference will be discussed in some later installment. It is also a topic which is discussed in Aliens to Zebras]. The bad news of these facts is The Mother cannot sustain this degree of Negativity much longer. 

It has been brought to our attention by long-time members of our Family, that this discussion regarding War--its reasons, its motives, its objectives, and its purpose--is a subject of great importance. It is a discussion particularly significant to those who need to know, to understand, and to accept their role, their participation in these Wars. Many, we would say most, are desirous of some reassurance and some comfort that their actions, their choices, and the orders they have followed, have had a purpose of worth, a purpose of value. The participants in War have been the faithful, the courageous, the dedicated and constant soldiers. They need to know that they and especially their comrades who have given all that is possible to give, their lives, have not done so in vain.

For us, to give these individuals a flash of hope, of validation for their efforts and their sacrifices is the most important part of this discussion. For us, the intent that is the foundation for an individual's choice to act is our focus, our job, and our intense choice of contribution to The Whole of the Whole. But this is a digression.

What we wish to offer to the soldiers who have realized what the directors, the instigators of these Wars are finally beginning to realize--that the futility of continuing Wars that are impossible to win, because War never wins, that are costly, that are collectively unpopular, and, when all is said and done, are in contradiction to The First Law of The Tao--is the assurance that their sacrifice and their dedication have not been in vain, because these soldiers, for whatever their reason for participation in War are a gift to the rest of the World. 

This may seem to be a complete contradiction, but the soldiers are teachers. Soldiers have died for a very long time in order to show the instigators of War that all War is good for is killing people. Soldiers are the teachers of a lesson that has not been learned and needs to be learned immediately.

In this day and age the only basis for instigating War is for profit, for metal [money]. The theoretical concept of War is invalid, because it is based on the invalid belief that one group of individuals is more valuable, more essential, and better than another group. War happens when individuals forget that all Humans are One Family; equal in worth no matter their beliefs, their colors, their cultures. All Humans are One Family. 

So, as it is said, the best and the bravest keep dying because those they are trying to Teach adamantly keep refusing to Learn.

So we say to our brave teachers: It is time to refuse to die for those who refuse to learn. And there are millions of individuals who, from within their Souls, recognize the teachers for who they are, what they have done, and what they continue to do, in the belief and the hope that what they Teach will eventually be Learned. Now is the time to not only take care of your steadfast Teachers, it is time to Learn from them and Learn Fast.

Now with these facts and these circumstances we can move this discussion forward to our teachable moment, and discuss Positive steps that can be taken to neutralize this Mother's dangerous level of Negativity. It is time for each individual to take Shis inherent power as a Creator and refuse to participate in any action or group action that is antithetical to the Harmony, to the Balance, and to all The Mother’s Living Systems. Think on that. Think about the incredible amount of power one individual can wield simply by making a decision, by taking an action. Now think of the degree of power available to people who decide to take the same action at the same time--as a Unit, as a Family. It is amazing. It is incredible. It can be Earth changing. You as individuals have that choice. All of you as a Family have immeasurable power. Yes.