by Jasmine.

The Needle Mouse Domino Connection

Every Day we are shown how The Law of One functions--even though we do not always realize Its manifestations as they happen.

Most of the time the true miracles and marvels of Connectedness fly past our awareness like so many hassle-flies.


Dan and I started a small undertaking--the removal of a splinter. 

Needles are in the sewing cabinet, which lives in a very tight, cluttered corner, and is used as a prop to hold up thin things supported between the sewing cabinet and the back of the coat cupboard--necessitating the un-burying of all stuff stuffed into the corner where the sewing machine and its cabinet lives.

Undertaking the securing of a needle--extensive shuffling, juggling, dragging, shoving, and shifting.


I open the top drawer where the needles and machine accoutrements live and--mouse gifts everywhere--not for the first, but for the fourth time! For the fourth time we are confounded--and I am furious. The sewing cabinet is beautifully built, white-washed birch with complete back encasement including drawer bottoms. 

How do the nasty little critters keep getting in?


While I am swearing and fuming, Dan finally decides the only way we're going to solve the mice problem is to take everything apart and turn the cabinet upside down. 

All drawers removed, sewing machine extracted, more of Great Grandmother's hand-made lace thrown into the trash because it is reduced to stained and pebbled fluff!

Flip side of the cabinet.

Dan and I discover there are two small gaps in the sealed bottom of the Cabinet where the largest, deep, fabric drawer lives.

I was fuming and swearing. At this discovery, I started kicking drawers sitting on the floor and fisting the back of the coat cupboard! Dan was attempting to calm me down as he was shaking his head and kicking himself for not undertaking this project years previous. So we were both completely wrapped around the axel with the Mice!

After another hour of measuring appropriate sizes of braces and slats; fetching air compressor, stapling gun, and wood glue, we had a mouse-proofed sewing cabinet--the completion of a five-year battle!


With the adjustments made and the problem solved; with the sewing machine back in the cabinet; all salvageable salvaged; the corner sorted out, vacuumed, and organized; we looked at each other with laughter and surprise as we realized the Larger Perspective the Needle Mouse Domino Connection has demonstrated. 

Not a small realization--a demonstrably real and pragmatic example of the Physical Plane, hands-on function of The First Law of The Tao: All Is One! 

I think these happenings are often assessed as Linear sequential hassles. When we experience a Domino which evolves upon completion into a Consciousness Expansion, a true Cellular comprehension of All Is One occurs. Suddenly, the Domino disruption we create for ourselves provides us the opportunity to see scrambled sequential events through the Perspective of The Law of One.

As The Fairns says, Everything is Connected to Everything Else!