by Jasmine.

Shepherds and Sheep: A Deep Trance Channelling Session

JASMINE: Lately, after my Deep Trance Channelling Sessions, I am feeling more intensely this time of Great Chaos and Great Potential. I see and feel people are spending much more time searching for a method to apply or an Individual to be a Leader they can follow. Is it significant that so many people appear to shape their lives with One or the Other of these Self-Images or Goals? I suppose, I'm asking if it is more contributive to follow the concept of being Shepherded Sheep or to think of ourselves solely as Shepherds that are caretakers for those seeking to be led.

THE FAIRNS: "Dear One, you are Correct in your assessment of the conditions of the Energies at this Now. It is a time of both Great Chaos and Great Potential. The most Positive Choice of Engagement and Action is to see Yourselves as a Combination of Both of these Roles.

It is Essential to Choose a Philosophy, a Belief System, that has--at Its Foundation--the Construct of the Third Pole as a Fulcrum. You are the Fulcrum upon which All is Balanced. You are Sheep--as Followers of The Law of One. You are Shepherds--as Caretakers for those People and Living Systems that require You as a Fulcrum. 

Granted. There are many who do not have the Perspective to Understand this Balanced Role and so are Living Their Lives only as Sheep. However, those of You who can Understand the True Connection of Everything to Everything Else are the Key to The Potential Transformation Of The Mother. The Understanding that You are Sheep, Shepherds, And The Fulcrum upon which Both Balance--All of These States of Being and Consciousness--provides You the more Powerful and Positive Creative Potential. Think on this. Tao Song."