by alexis.

Realizations from Deep-Trance Channel, Jasmine Contor Dawson

It is incredible and awe-inspiring how many gifts The Mother and Shis Living Systems offer with a very small amount of Consideration from Humans. 

The Mother rewards us seven-fold for every tiny gesture we make.

In our very small area of flat ground on the eagle's eyrie where we live, we decided it would be fun to put a small pond in the gravel we call a front yard. Nothing fancy. Nothing big. A kidney shaped 150 gallon plastic tub, really. 

We found ourselves completely excited about choosing one small Koi and five Fancy Goldfish. We chose some floating water plants: a cabbage-looking one, three Water Hyacinths, a pot of stripped water grass, and a peach-colored Water Lily. 

Our excitement was brimming over! 

Dan dug the hole with his back-hoe, we leveled and situated the pond-shell, carefully placed and re-placed and re-placed some of the beautiful river rocks we had collected over the years. We added water, fish, plants, an aeration fountain, and a filter. 

Zowie! A pond! We were so proud--full of Joy and satisfaction. 

What happened next was totally unexpected. 

Within twenty-four hours, our wild bee-hive had found the pond. Over the next few days we were converged upon and treated to doves, yellow finches, and wild pigeons; different kinds of sparrows, Towhees, and a family of quail. 

Every evening when the bats come out of their home--somewhere in the space between our roof and our ceiling--they dive and grab sips of water from our little puddle; every day we have happy bees, butterflies, and wasps that share the floating plant platforms. 

The birds come and drink every day; they splash for a bath while we sit within touching distance of them. The fish-kids already recognize us and come over to the edge of the pond to beg. They are nearly twice the size they were when we brought them home, because we are an easy touch for food, and they know it. 

Isn't it wonderful how much Humans receive from The Mother--for so little effort? All we did was supply some water and The Mother took over and Created an Ecosystem! If we give a small amount of assistance; if we simply slow down our abuses; The Mother Heals Shiself and finds Balance with amazing alacrity! 

It is humbling, profound, and empowering to realize each individual action we choose affects All That Is. 

I'm going to go get my copy of "Aliens to Zebras" and study Beneficial Wholism Assessment, once again!