by Jasmine.

Positive Action--Good News!

Tao Song to All!

We can always use some Positive Action, Hope, and Good News. And I have waited so I could announce to you that The Fairns has a proposed film project now up on!

One of Our New Family members, Hale Mednik, is intending to make a documentary about The Fairns, speaking through Deep Trance Channel, Jasmine Contor Dawson. We are hoping it will broaden attention to the wealth of knowledge and the importance of the information available to All of Us through Jasmine and The Fairns!

Check out the 'Teaser' and hear The Fairns speak about the importance of Our Mother's Forests!

Documentary Proposal

The proposed documentary entitled "The Entity"will cover The Environment, Previous Civilizations, The Greater Reality, Humanity's Purpose in The Physical Plane, Aliens, and more!

Look for the picture of The Great Pyramids, or type--The Entity--in the 'search window' on the site. That's the Correct Proposal and 'Teaser!'


So come on board; spread the word; let's find funding. With your help, Hale, Jasmine and the Whole Fairns Family can Launch this project, and make it available as widely as possible--to as many people as possible!

You will find out on how You can be part of the Project and even be in the Documentary Yourself!

Like The Fairns has always said, "Positive thought must be followed by Positive Action. That is how the individual and the group Create a Positive Reality!"

We believe with this Project, All of us can find Answers we All need--AND provide pathways to Balance our own Health and the Health of Our Mother!

It's Exciting!