by alexis.

Meet The Fairns

Greetings one and all!

Thank you for visiting this site and participating in what I am sure will be some very interesting and thought provoking dialogues with The Fairns. I invite you to add your thoughts and comments to these discussions. I would also invite you to suggest topics you would like The Fairns to speak about.

I think it’s a good idea for me to inform you of some of The Fairns standard quirks and little idiosyncrasies. For example, you will be hearing a lot of the ancient language of Athlenta [pronounced: Ah Tell en Tah]. The Fairns uses names and terms from this language in order to help spark our memory of our most recent previous advanced Civilization, Atlantis, because many of us lived in that time. So you will be reading words like mnrk vo [men erk voe] which means thank you and si so we [see so way] which means you’re welcome. As other words pop up in The Fairns discussions, I will be inserting translations for you by putting the definitions in [brackets]. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to follow the deeper meaning of what The Fairns is talking about.

You will be bumping into the term Endswr—pronounced [en ed es ware]. This word is Athlenta for People/Humans and you will hearing that one quite often. The Fairns uses this Atlantean word to mean: any Species on this planet that has a Soul. And you will find that Terran [land] Humans are not the only people, the only Endswr on this Mother [planet] who have a Soul! But that’s a subject I’m sure The Fairns will be talking to you about themselves. 

One more thing The Fairns has always done, which I think is wonderful, is never making any distinction in terminology between male and female. How’s that for objectivity! To The Fairns, everyone is a Shis . This reference is extended into Shiself depending upon which form the topic requires. This cumulative pronoun is also spoken about in the Home Page.

So, my friends, with this introduction as preparation for The Fairns content and tone, expect yourselves to be stimulated, perplexed, inspired, delighted, amazed, entertained, given a big laugh, every so often frightened, but above all Loved and Supported. The Fairns will underscore your inherent worth, teach you, and help you understand and remember that You are essential to the function of The Tao, The Whole of The Whole—that You are the Creators of Your Reality.