by alexis.

Happy New Year

Tao Song to All.

At this Time of re-investment—what all of you call Happy New Year. Think of this anniversary as a time of renewal, as a time of new determination, as a time of action, and of hope. Think of it as a time to intend that what is initiated starting from this Now Moment Forward, this New Year, will be better than the accomplishments seen in the previous Year. 

Many people pursue different philosophies and different methods in order to undertake this endeavor. People use many different ways to accomplish their understanding of the goal to make things better. 

We will offer The foundation on which to build and accomplish your goals regardless of the differences in method and approach. This foundation is the Primary and most Profound Rule on which to base all beginnings.

The First Law of The Tao: All Is One.
There is The foundation--three words.


The scope this Taoic Law embraces is as vast as the challenges and opportunities that Terran [land] Humans face together at this Now [time].
Together, you and we will discuss these vast issues. We will debate and most probably argue, and finally agree--that every chosen Direction, every Positive Intention, and every chosen Action starts with those three words—All Is One.

This is The First Law of The Tao, and it is Immutable. Yes.