by Jasmine.

Family Letter 1

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, here we are! I'm thrilled to be writing my first letter to everyone after quite a while. Already we are well into the New Year, and guess what, I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree or  the outside lights. I love the Christmas/New Years Season so much, I'm half tempted to leave everything up all year round. That wouldn't be very practical though, as the decor would take on the roll of dust collector and the little tree, on its table, would remain an obstacle course. 

It comes to mind, that year's-end Season is very much like life itself. We live, we celebrate, we remember the Joy we have lived over our past year, pack up our decorations and keepsakes, store them away, and move  into the next year. If one thinks about the parallels between a year's-end Season and the concept of Reincarnation, the transposition of metaphor is obvious. Our Joy is living, our celebration is contentment at the finish, and our decorations and keepsakes stored away are the lessons and knowledge we pack away in our consciousness to become preparations for our new life. It brings me a smile and much comfort to hold this belief. Many of you probably think the same way. 

For the end of January, here in Northern California, the weather has been amazing--gorgeous warm days, all the greens and blues of the forests and mountains I can see from my front deck all the way to the sea thirty miles away. The blue of the sky is so thick, it is nearly lapis--what my Mother always called "A Montana Sky." All of the comfort in this small weather break, which we usually get, but not for so long, is going to have some repercussions, though.

It reminds me that our seasons are shifting and the fruit trees and bulbs are getting "off" signals. Just about the time my daffodils are in full bloom and my apple trees are popping flowers, the cold is going to come back, in force, along with wind and rain, and the plants will be, once again, in the grip of winter. The plants haven't yet adjusted their bio-clocks to the reality of Climate Change and it is sad to think we Humans are the source of their confusion.

That is why I am determined to keep a firm grasp on the practical truths The Fairns have continued to offer for such a long time--pay attention to weight of my foot-steps, put back twice as much as I take out, think about energizing balance in my thought processes, and always hold the First Law of The Tao for-most in my mind: All Is One. These beliefs sustain my hope for all of us muddy-footed Humans, appreciation for the true beauty of our connection to each other, and confidence that we can become One with our Mother in a practical sense as we know we are in our hearts and souls.

So, Happy New Year everyone. Let's move forward with love, compassion, and care for each other and for our Mother. It's so good to be back with you again.

Tao Song, Jasmine