by Jasmine.

Fairns Family Letter 3

Jolie Printemps Mes Chers Amis! Happy Spring Dear Family,

My Francais is exceptionally rusty so I can't guarantee either spelling or grammar. So much for my exercise in multi-lingual entertainment.

I know it is nearly two months into the official Vernal Equinox, but here in Northern California, Spring still has one foot stuck in the frosts of Winter. 

Today, the sun has poked holes in the grey, cloud-blanket which has hovered above our heads for far too many days in a row. The wild bees are humming with industry among the white, pink, and lavender fruit tree blossoms. California and Oriental Poppies are making rainbows in everyone's bulb beds and new leaves are displaying their tender green. The iris are loading up their sturdy stalks and the lilac bushes are preparing for an impending circus of purple and perfume. The colors and scents of Spring are finally upon us! As you can all see, I am waxing poetic and becoming a little purply about it myself!

I have been cooking on this letter for nearly two weeks, waiting for a lift in the grey weather and my weather-reflected mood. As the day has cleared, so has my muffled mixture of confusion and anxiety. Several members of our Family have also been reporting the same kinds of anxieties and frustrations. One more example of interconnectedness. Well what do I expect? All Is One!

So here I am--picking up a week later--and the whole Planet is in a different Energy State! Public Enemy #1 for the US and, some consider, the World is gone and everyone is running in circles mentally and emotionally about that one--like a disturbed ant hill. But that is a topic we can discuss another time.

It's Mother's Day Weekend and I wish All the Mothers in The Family a Wonderful Mother's Day. Here's hoping all the kids come through for you! I am baby-sitting for two four-footed Monsters so Dan can get away and visit his little Mother this weekend! My daughter and grandsons are 8 hours away in Morro Bay, so I get to enjoy a no-fuss weekend and write to all of YOU!

I haven't seen any comments on the Blog and so I'm sending, along with this letter, a small "Shardy Boot" as The Fairns would say. I would really love some input from YOU. It would be inspirational and give The Fairns some impetus themselves, as to topics for further discussion.

You all know by now, The Fairns has a Facebook Page of Their own--Ask The Fairns--and there have been some interesting discussions going on there. The Fairns have discussed some personal concerns from people and how the Mother's current situation has been affecting all of US who are so sensitive and connected to Shis discomfort. There is some startling news in the discussions and some potentially very uplifting news as well. I invite Everyone to  join in and participate.

As I have been sitting here writing, the sky has clouded over somewhat and, just possibly, the weather people are going to be correct about a chance of rain. We'll see!

I'm going to make a special Meditation for all the trauma going on in the Mississippi River Areas that are flooded  and causing so much trouble and pain for our  Human Family. It is very obvious to all of us that The Mother is not very happy with us and our mucking around with Shis Living Systems! But there is also the Positive aspect to consider: We are right on the brink of Possible Transformation! We can actually wake up as a Species and realize that We ARE The Mother--the same way that The Mother is US! Isn't that an amazing Potential? I think so!

So, what do we do to make that most Positive Potential a Reality? Practice, every minute of every day, what The Fairns has been extolling us to do: "Invest Thought Energy into What We Want to have Happen for Ourselves and Our Mother."  We can do the Meditation/Visualization for The Mother's Health and Balance and Include Ourselves within the Living Systems along with Every Other part of The Mother's Functions.

Then, Every Mother's Day from this one forward will have a Significance and a Beauty that Our most Perfect, Balanced, Images could possibly make Manifest!

I Wish Everyone a Happy Mother's Day on Every Level!  Love and Tao Song to All, Jasmine