by Jasmine.

Every Day Miracles

It has been a goodly amount of time since I have sent a Family Message, or any blog from The Fairns, for that matter.

I apologize and Hope for Better Health and more time in Ease for All!

One of Our Family had a discussion with The Fairns recently and one flash-back remained with me from that Session: Every Day Miracles.

In this privileged area of the world, we don't always give conscious thought to the gifts we have available. To us, they are ordinary. We take them for granted. 

How often do we contemplate the Miracle of opening the water faucet and having water instantly flow to fill our sink for dishes, shower, and wash our hair, or fill our drinking glass?

How often do we think, in the moment, about what we are throwing in the trash; where it goes and its impact for The Mother? Do we think, with each throw-away we put in the trash, "Can this be re-cycled, or re-used?"

In our troubles (which are any) and difficulties dealing with everyday existence, it can be enlightening, uplifting, and self-revelatory to sharpen our focus on the small, Every Day Miracles in our lives. Miracles to contemplate and Consider.

If we make ourselves aware of these Miracles and hold them in the front of our minds at every opportunity; if we truly pay attention to what we use, where it ends up, and how, at every moment, we can be thankful and appreciative; we can become true 'Conservatives' as well as Conservationists.

We Olds have a tendency to see and sense Global Scale Impacts and The Larger Universe Perspective--which, for The Whole of The Whole, is Beneficial. But Every Day Miracles and what we can do to Honor them often slip by us without notice; without precise focus and attention.

This is not a fault; just an oversight. We need to employ thoughtful awareness on a constant basis.

When we give Every Day Miracles in our lives due attention and Honor, we add extra, Demonstrative Action to our Larger Reality and give Dynamic Assistance to Ourselves and Our Mother!

Dear Family, think about the thermostat; how long the water runs for washing and rinsing dishes, brushing teeth; washing face and hands; how often we shower or bathe; what we throw away.

We Humans not only have a Huge Carbon Footprint, we have a Water, Garbage, and Sewage Footprint also!
If this sounds like a lecture, it isn't!

It is a Life Preserver for Ourselves and Our Species!

I know I'm truly blessed I don't have to walk 4 miles twice a day, every day, to find water or discard trash. And washing clothes under these conditions? Marginal.

I'm thinking about it. You're probably thinking about it. Tell everyone you can.

Maybe we can wake some more Privileged People up!

Let's help Everyone be Grateful for Every Day Miracles!