by Jasmine.

Acceptance or Surrender: Jasmine and The Fairns

Hello Friends and Family!

While I was digesting my Dr.'s recent assessment, details, and ramifications of my strange, up-coming journey, I was attempting to clarify for myself, the discussion in Aliens to Zebras regarding The Fairns' explanation and discussion of Acceptance . While I was contemplating that topic, I heard a clear voice, in my head; a voice that said; "Surrender. Sometimes, life makes you 'an offer you can't refuse'."

Very seldom, do I ask The Fairns anything that concerns me directly. Usually, if I have a question, or want to get their input, I start speaking to them aloud--wherever I happen to be at the time. Inevitably, they make themselves heard immediately. Their responses come into my mind, and we have some extended and intense conversations. 

As a result, some of those extemporaneous conversations result in making the people that pass me in the isles at the grocery store stare at me in incredulity and think, "There's one little old lady who's completely snapped her cap!"

Be that as it may, those incidents never phase me at all. I continue conversing (seemingly with myself) and the outcomes of these conversations provide me the rewards of The Fairns' Greater Perspective--along with a significant amount of their humorous delight in my mental and verbal gymnastics--as I come at them with my, "Well, what about this," and, "What about that?"

But, my latest health crisis triggered a strange feeling I wanted to discuss face-to-face with The Fairns, so to speak; so I could record The Fairns direct explanation. This peculiar feeling was in-between Acceptance and Surrender; I simply couldn't find words to describe it--let alone nail it down, process it, or express it in words. I was finding it quite frustrating. I knew other people have been in this kind of situation; felt this same feeling. I wanted to share and explain this feeling/realization with those people; include them; share with them the understanding I needed in order to travel this path.

Following is the conversation I had with The Fairns; ending with my assessment of the resulting information's applicability to many of the seeming, single-choice journeys many other people face; choices that offer one, single path--similar to mine--though not the same as mine.

Jasmine: I had a peculiar feeling the other day about the concept of surrendering to a series of events that seemed to be a one-option situation in my life. You have always said  that Acceptance is the way to deal with reality as it is. If a person accepts what is they have the power to change what is. When a person is presented with only one option; one way to go; one door able to be opened--that person has only one way forward--Acceptance. My feeling was one of surrendering because there was no other choice but to accept the situation I was in. I am confused about this. You have said that Surrender is a kind of capitulation. Will you explain the feeling I had?  Do people accept things when there is no other choice or do they have to surrender in order to find Acceptance? Is there a feeling/realization between Surrender and Acceptance?

The Fairns: Dear One, you are such a Large Giggle. Acceptance is not a static condition or a state that is contained within the same parameters for all singular events or sequential steps of possible outcomes. There are many levels, within which, the state of Acceptance is made manifest for an individual. A person can accept a given state of things as they are in the moment. That is Acknowledgment of what is within any instant of time; within the Now Moment. An individual stands to the side of shiself, in the point of Positive Neutrality, and states, "These are the facts that exist--fact one; fact two; fact three, etc." And, all  those facts are accepted as what is . Added to this, there is Acceptance of a potential: what might happen or could happen, given the sequence of  facts in the ongoing situation. These two facets are Acceptance based upon rationality, honesty, and percentages of previous outcomes--Acceptance through Logic.

Also, there is Acceptance which is arrived at by absorbing a sequence of events based on what the negative or detrimental outcomes of a situation or event could be; what would happen by choosing not to accept the steps required in order to establish the optimal outcome of the choice being presented. In other words: Acceptance based not on what an individual would wish to have happen; what they think should have happened; but what is proven to be happening and the probable outcome or consequences of remaining in Denial of the existing reality--Denial of the choices: either action or inaction.

This is a very involved and somewhat restricted definition of the many iterations of the Process of Acceptance. As you, yourself have said, the confines of words have great difficulty and insufficiency in relating the shades, the degrees, and the nuances of the changing conditions and fluid Process of Acceptance.

The feeling you have experienced is much closer to what we have explained in the steps of  Grief and Grieving . This feeling is a physical, cellular, and Spiritual reaction to the Realization and Transcendence Stages of Grieving . It is the instant within the Acceptance Process where the Spirit recognizes Faith; recognizes the power in releasing the need to control a thing or a situation; giving the permission of control of any outcome to The Tao; knowing on a cellular and Spiritual level that giving up all attempts at physical control gains the individual complete control of that event or situation on a Larger Level; an expanded, unknowable level; a level which can only be felt and known when it is; when it occurs We have spoken of this using the known adage: "Let go and Let God."

That instant of releasing control is Surrender without Expectation; Acceptance without parameters or value investments of any kind; Acceptance without boundaries, constraints, or limitations. This is the unfettered meaning of Faith; complete Acceptance of All That Is on all imaginable levels and beyond. In that instant--all events, all possibilities, all potentials, all miracles are available to the individual. Tao Song .

Jasmine: I am going to have to read this a few times and think about your expanded explanation. As you said, this is more complex and intricate than I understood before this discussion. I think within the different levels of Acceptance you have delineated, there is a way for people faced with these--often difficult--opportunities to find an application that relates to their own individual situation. I agree, when this Feeling/Realization/Surrender/Acceptance instant occurs for an individual, there is an amazing burst of Freedom and Joy that accompanies it. The feeling you have explained to me brings an incredible amount of empowerment for the individual. It certainly did for me! I felt like I had set down a very big stone I had been carrying for no good reason; I felt like there was nothing that didn't have a bright and Balanced side to it. 

Thank you for shedding light and perspective on my confusion. This gives me greater insight into the different ways Acceptance can be applied to the situations people encounter in their lives.