About Aliens To Zebras

Aliens to Zebras-Dictionary for a New World is a wonderful collection of practical living, philosophical discussion, environmental solutions, hard science, humor, and brain twisters.

It contains something for everybody, from help for people suffering guilt and experiencing grief, to those who are curious about previous advanced civilizations, how to help protect and heal the environment, how the dimensions of the universe function, and the properties of the space-time continuum.

Written in dictionary form, the individual can find a subject alphabetically, or skip back and forth through selected topics at leisure. Whatever the direction of interest, something of it can be found in Aliens to Zebras.


ALIENS: Many of you are the direct descendants of people from other Mothers.

BALANCE: Balance is the state of existence within a System that maintains the highest creative potential for expansion of that System.

CETACEANS: Ocean People have Souls. Ocean people are sentient beings just as you are.

DREAM: You are as busy living and working in the dream state as you are in the wakeful conscious state of your lives.

ENERGY: Energy is created by your thought and by the actions you take based upon your thoughts. Therefore, what you think, you create.

FORESTS: The Mother's Forests are Shis lungs.

GRIEF/GRIEVING: Incomplete Grief and uncompleted Grieving engender Guilt and Denial, causing most of the crippling mental, emotional, and physical diseases of human existence.

HEMP/CANNABIS: This plant is absolutely imperative to the health and Balance of this Mother's functioning.

IMPERFECTION: Imperfection is Potential for Growth. Your very Imperfection proves your perfection within a perfect System.

JUDGING: Dear Ones, there is no Judging. There is only what Is.

KINDNESS: If you do not treat yourself with Kindness, you cannot truly give Kindness and receive Kindness from others.

LOVE: Love is knowing that All Is One and each individual is included in that All and includes shiself in that All.

METHODOLOGY: There is never only one way, one path to enlightenment.

NOTIME: In The Greater Reality there is only one time; this is Notime.

OCEANS: The Mother's Oceans are no place to put things that humans do not want to put on land.

PHARAOH: The mandated spiritual and intellectual leader, the Keeper of the Way.

QUARTZ: Is the best crystal for people in this Now to use as an augmenter for thought energy.

RECYCLE: The Law of Recycle demands that individuals not use more resources than can be twice-replaced within a human lifetime.

SCARCITY: A fear-based concept that has no basis in the Balanced processes of Nature.

TIME: Time is a fluid force within the Whole of The Whole, affecting and being affected by all Rates of energy, matter, and structure.

UNICORN: Yes, of course there have been Unicorns on this Mother.

VACUUM: There is no such thing as a Vacuum. Conditions that exist in material plane have form and substance whether or not they can be measured at this time.

WARDEN/WARD/WARDERSHIP: This Mother Planet is your Warden and your Ward, your guardian and your responsibility to guard in return.

XENOPHOBIA: It is time for people to look for the similarities that bind them together rather than the differences that keep them divided.

YIN/YANG: True Yin/Yang is recognition of the fulcrum, the third force that makes bipolar interaction, with oneself and others, one circulating whole.

ZEBRAS: A symbol of peace and prosperity, a symbol of grace and beauty, a living representation of the juxtaposed opposites and dichotomies of life in The Physical Plane.