Welcome to JasmineContorDawson.com and JasmineDeepTranceChannel.com! This is the online home of the Advanced Entity The Fairns  and Their Chosen Deep Trance Channel Jasmine Contor Dawson . We want to welcome New friends; and, of course, welcome back Old friends. On this site, we can share experiences, exchange dialogue, contribute to each other, and change the world! 

Everyone is invited to Speak with  The Fairns , the amazing, non-reincarnating, Composite Entity, who speaks exclusively through Deep Trance Channel, Jasmine Contor Dawson.

 Deep Trance Channel: Jasmine Contor Dawson

Through Personal Consultations , you can receive information and guidance that will amaze, inspire, heal, and motivate you. In complete assurance of security and privacy, The Fairns and Jasmine offer you the honor, the respect, and the loving kindness every one of you deserves as Creators of this Physical Universe and Creators of your own individual lives. 

As you stroll around this welcoming site with Jasmine and with The Fairns, you will be uncovering information and opportunities that offer miracles of Change and Balance. Through Jasmine--The Fairns' chosen Deep Trance Channel--you will find ways to resolve conflict within yourselves, conflict within relationships with others, and most importantly, ways to create a New Environment for our Mother Planet and all Shis Living Systems.

For those of you who are New, some basic vocabulary may be helpful. The Fairns has always greeted everyone with the words Tao Song [pronounced Dow Song]. They say it is a greeting of honor and of celebration for everything that exists. It means the Singing of The Tao. In every communication, over the last 33 years Jasmine has worked with them and for them, The Fairns has opened and closed every communication with Tao Song. It is similar to how Aloha is used in Hawaii.

The Tao is The Fairns' term for what we call God. There is another word you will all get used to. It is Shis. The Fairns never make any distinction in gender. Everyone, whether male, female, or any combination of either, is called Shis. It works out well, don't you think?

The Fairns is an Entity with immensely Large Perspective. They offer the individual humor, insight, and information covering a vast range of topics, from Personal Relationships, Health Issues, and Past Lives to Previous Advanced Civilizations, Psychic Technology, and Quantum Physics. 

However, as you will see, their greatest Intensity is evident in discussions of the Environment, The Mother Planet, and Humans as Environment. All of The Fairns' revelations, assistance, and explanations are founded upon their Primary Law: All Is One. They call this, The First Law of The Tao.

As for Jasmine's who, what, why, and where, we invite you to visit the Blog section of the site where Jasmine's Stories and Letters from Jasmine are presented.

So, as The Fairns would say: Tao Song!